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Measuring Health Services in the National Accounts

Measuring Health Services in the National Accounts

An International Perspective

(p.25) 1 Measuring Health Services in the National Accounts
Measuring and Modeling Health Care Costs
Paul SchreyerMatilde MasJ. Steven Landefeld
University of Chicago Press

Health expenditure accounts for between 4 and 15% of GDP in OECD countries and constitutes one of the most important expenditure items. We review the concepts that the System of National Accounts foresees for the measurement of nominal and real output of health service providers and compare practices in OECD countries. There is significant variation in countries’ methods although the degree of non-comparability is difficult to establish. We also present new estimates of cross-country comparisons of hospital service prices that are currently developed by the OECD. These draw on well-defined, representative case-types that are costed across countries. This is made possible by an increasing number of countries that use DRG-type approaches in health care administration. The increasing uptake of DRGs will also be instrumental in improving national accounts estimates of the volume and prices of health services.

Keywords:   measurement of output, nonmarket sector, health care expenditure, Purchasing Power Parities for health, System of National Accounts

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