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The Story So Far and That to Come

The Story So Far and That to Come

(p.127) Interlude The Story So Far and That to Come
Creatively Undecided
Menachem Fisch
University of Chicago Press

The interlude recaptures the philosophical argument of the last four chapters and explains the nature of the case study in the three to come. First the difference between the view of rationality here employed and that of the game theoretic variety is argued for. The latter it is claimed is not about acting rationally, but about deeming an act beneficial in retrospect. It is therefore not about human agency or judgment at all. A brief summary follows of how the philosophical chapters proposed to contend with the problem of accounting for the rationality of framework transitions in science while remaining faithful to critical rationalism even when it is applied reflectively to the framework it presupposes in criticism, yet without diluting that framework or the seriousness of the commitment it commands, as in Friedman’s account.

Keywords:   game theory, human agency, rationality, Framework Dependency, Critical Rationalism, normative commitment, Michael Friedman

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