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Federico García Lorca (Himself)

Federico García Lorca (Himself)

(p.1) 1 Federico García Lorca (Himself)
Apocryphal Lorca
Jonathan Mayhew
University of Chicago Press

This chapter sketches a portrait of Lorca as a charismatic, protean, and enigmatic authorial figure. It establishes an implicit point of comparison with the Americanized Lorca that dominates the rest of the book. It presents a Lorca that has a greater intellectual capacity and a more highly developed literary culture than the mythic stereotype allows for. Incomplete or misleading views of Lorca have their roots in romantic ideas of poetic genius, and in stereotypes of Andalusian culture left over from European constructions of romantic Spain, often filtered through the popular writings of Ernest Hemingway.

Keywords:   Federico García Lorca, literary culture, poetic genius, Andalusian culture, Ernest Hemingway

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