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Key Episodes in the Twentieth Century

Key Episodes in the Twentieth Century

(p.93) Chapter 7 Key Episodes in the Twentieth Century
For the Many or the Few
University of Chicago Press

This chapter provides a history of key episodes in the twentieth century, using a theory to sketch a picture of how the initiative changed the evolution of state and local fiscal policy during these important periods. First, it aims to offer the reader a way to interpret the many facts that have accumulated throughout the book, since it is natural to wonder how everything fits together. Second, the chapter wants to suggest that the historical evidence is easy to understand in terms of a theory in which the initiative serves the majority and the legislature sometimes gets out of step. The qualitative evidence is intended to complement the more quantitative statistical analysis reported in research literature, give a feel for how the initiative really worked, and suggest directions for future research.

Keywords:   initiative, fiscal policy, legislature, statistical analysis, qualitative evidence, expenditure

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