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Conservation Biology: The Evaluation Problem

Conservation Biology: The Evaluation Problem

(p.149) 8 Conservation Biology: The Evaluation Problem
What Is Biodiversity?
Maclaurin JamesSterelny Kim
University of Chicago Press

There is an important link between environmental ethics and conservation biology. Ideally, the former tells us what to conserve and the latter tells us how to conserve it. This book is about science, not ethics, and ethical issues are addressed only to the extent that they make a difference to scientific theory and methodology. In practice, this allows us to set aside a large portion of environmental ethics, because much of this is irrelevant to our purposes. This chapter first addresses the question of whether biodiversity is intrinsically valuable, and then discusses demand value, the option value option, and the conservation consequences of option value models.

Keywords:   environmental ethics, conservation biology, demand value, option value

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