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Morphology and Morphological Diversity

Morphology and Morphological Diversity

(p.60) 4 Morphology and Morphological Diversity
What Is Biodiversity?
Maclaurin JamesSterelny Kim
University of Chicago Press

Chapter 3 showed that it is difficult to make the notion of disparity empirically and theoretically tractable. A central theme of this chapter is that, while species richness does not determine morphological disparity, disparity is conceptually tied to diversity. Patterns in speciation anchor the features of phenotypes we can meaningfully measure and compare. The chapter considers attempts to put spatial representations of morphological diversity to real empirical work, explains why this (still-young) tradition is impressive, and discusses the limits on these representations of phenotypic diversity.

Keywords:   biodiversity, disparity, species richness, speciation, phenotypic diversity

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