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Species: A Modest Proposal

Species: A Modest Proposal

(p.27) 2 Species: A Modest Proposal
What Is Biodiversity?
Maclaurin JamesSterelny Kim
University of Chicago Press

This chapter begins by noting two striking facts. First, in practice, most explicit attempts to estimate biodiversity are attempts to estimate species richness. Second, evolutionary theory has been home to a long and continuing debate about the nature of species, a debate that has resulted in a profusion of species concepts. The chapter then confronts the diversity of species concepts more seriously. That diversity flows in part from the profound biological differences between the different branches of the tree of life, and in turn those differences suggest that we have little chance of formulating a one-size-fits-all criterion that would allow us to recognize species across the different branches and thus enable us to measure the overall species richness of a region. One way of responding to the diversity of species concepts, then, is to conclude that the prospects for a species-richness based account of biodiversity are grim both practically and theoretically. It is argued that this is a much-too-pessimistic assessment of species-richness-based accounts of biodiversity.

Keywords:   biodiversity, species concepts, evolutionary theory, species richness

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