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(p.1) Introduction
Overcoming the Saving Slump
Annamaria Lusardi
University of Chicago Press

This book investigates the financial education programs that are in place, examines available investment products, and looks at the experiences of countries that have privatized the pension systems or experienced changes in the social security systems. It presents suggestions on how to enhance the effectiveness of these programs and products, thereby enabling the United States to make the transition to this new system more smoothly. The book shows that although the problems are many and the challenges daunting, programs can be designed to change saving behavior and overcome the saving slump now facing so many individuals. It also reveals that financial education programs can be effective and that increased literacy does result in better saving habits. Finally, an overview of the chapters included in the book is provided.

Keywords:   financial education programs, investment products, pension systems, social security systems, United States, saving behavior, saving slump

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