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Authentic Reproductions

Authentic Reproductions

(p.249) Chapter Eight Authentic Reproductions
The Author's Due
Joseph Loewenstein
University of Chicago Press

This chapter reports a meditation on the problem of authorship as it was provoked at the turn of the last century, of how historical scholarship intervened in a technological and legal turmoil. It highlights Graham Pollard's idée fixe in order to remark the attunement of the New Bibliography to disturbances in contemporary legal culture. The new reproductive technologies were crucial to the New Bibliography. Photography had played an important role in determining the types and ornaments of the Pavier quartos. Widening interest in historical bibliography was stimulated by a rare-book market quickened and shaped by single-author enumerative bibliographies. John Carter and Pollard would multiply the bibliographic tests available to discredit the forgeries—precisely the tests that Pollard and Greg had applied in 1907 to the Pavier quartos.

Keywords:   meditation, authorship, Graham Pollard, New Bibliography, photography, historical bibliography, John Carter, Pavier quartos

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