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Monopolies Commercial and Doctrinal

Monopolies Commercial and Doctrinal

(p.52) Chapter Three Monopolies Commercial and Doctrinal
The Author's Due
Joseph Loewenstein
University of Chicago Press

This chapter explores the interplay of economic policy and ideological control in the early European book trade, a reexamination of the questions raised by the New Bibliographers, the questions on which Michel Foucault less meticulously pronounced. It then turns to the relation between the monarch and the monopolist, between ideological and commercial regulation. Printing unsettled an established book trade. The restraint on imports, the control of alien labor, the achievement of control over virtually all provincial markets do not exhaust the regulatory triumphs of the London book trade. The monopolizing of commercial regulation becomes a defining characteristic of the Modern state. It points out how frequently royal and industrial motives were aligned and how richly coordinated censorious licensing and monopolistic privilege indeed were.

Keywords:   economic policy, New Bibliographers, monarch, monopolist, ideological regulation, commercial regulation, printing, book trade, censorious licensing

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