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Commitment, Jealousy, and the Quality of Life

Commitment, Jealousy, and the Quality of Life

(p.194) 7) Commitment, Jealousy, and the Quality of Life
The Sexual Organization of the City
Anthony PaikEdward O. LaumannMartha Van Haitsma
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines how sexual jealousy is an important consequence of today's sex markets and, specifically, how it is a perceived breach of the commitment between sex partners. Because cheating, shirking, and opportunism are all-too-common possibilities in intimate relations, people often seek committed sex partners. The chapter investigates commitment and jealousy in intimate relations in order to understand how sex markets affect the well-being of sexual relationships. With the appeal of non monogamous sexual-matching strategies among Chicagoans, it suggests that expectations about sexual exclusivity are frequently breached, resulting in conflicts over sexual jealousy, and making these events an important empirical concern. The chapter distinguishes between those who are and those who are not committed, investigates the causes and the consequences of breaches of commitment, and addresses the relevance of sex markets for contemporary sexual relationships in Chicago.

Keywords:   sexual jealousy, sex markets, sex partners, commitment, jealousy, intimate relations, sexual-matching strategies, sexual relationships, Chicago

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