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Meeting and Mating over the Life Course

Meeting and Mating over the Life Course

(p.127) 5) Meeting and Mating over the Life Course
The Sexual Organization of the City
Jenna MahayEdward O. Laumann
University of Chicago Press

The majority of people today will find themselves in the sex market at successively later stages of the life course, and the conditions under which they must form relationships will be very different at different stages of the life course. For example, people in their forties are likely to find themselves in a different market position than they were when they were in their twenties, and they may have altogether different attitudes toward forming sexual unions. Yet there is a lot at stake here, since the ability to form warm, committed, ongoing relationships affects emotional, physical, and financial well-being—in short, the quality of life. The way in which a sexual partnership is formed and maintained is a critical issue because the process has consequences for whether the partnership leads to the kind of committed, enduring relationships that have such a positive effect on the quality of life.

Keywords:   sex market, life course, sexual unions, quality of life, sexual partnership, relationships, well-being

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