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Neighborhoods as Sex Markets

Neighborhoods as Sex Markets

(p.69) 3) Neighborhoods as Sex Markets
The Sexual Organization of the City
Jenna MahayEdward O. Laumann
University of Chicago Press

This chapter describes the organization of four sex markets in Chicago. It characterizes sex markets as the spatially and culturally bounded arenas in which searches for sex partners and a variety of sexual transactions take place. The chapter focuses on how local organizations, social networks, culture, and space interact on the ground to create the sex markets found in the four neighborhoods. Its interest in the organization of sex in the city follows from the early Chicago school's interest in the patterns of urban life. All these elements interact in a given sex market to structure the sexual behavior of its participants in patterned and predictable ways, but they can often also have unintended consequences. The chapter focuses on heterosexual sex markets and discusses the overlap between heterosexual and homosexual sex markets.

Keywords:   sex markets, Chicago, sexual transactions, local organizations, social networks, culture, space, sexual behavior, heterosexual sex markets, homosexual sex markets

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