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The Chicago Health and Social Life Survey Design

The Chicago Health and Social Life Survey Design

(p.39) 2) The Chicago Health and Social Life Survey Design
The Sexual Organization of the City
Martha Van HaitsmaAnthony PaikEdward O. Laumann
University of Chicago Press

This chapter provides an overview of research strategies, describes the Chicago Health and Social Life Survey data, and highlights some of the distinctive features of sexual expression in Chicago. It is a immodest, wishful aspiration that the picture of urban sexuality presented by the book replace that presented by such media representations as the television show Sex and the City, which portrays the sexual adventures of four professional, white women living in Manhattan. The chapter looks at sexuality as it is expressed across an entire city population. Many of our respondents are poor, are members of racial/ethnic minorities, and are unlikely to come into contact with the rarefied world portrayed in Sex and the City. This book is about the diversity of sexual expression found in an American metropolis.

Keywords:   Social Life Survey, sexual expression, sexuality, city population, Chicago, minorities

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