U.S. Engineering in a Global Economy

U.S. Engineering in a Global Economy

Richard B. Freeman and Hal Salzman

Print publication date: 2018

ISBN: 9780226468334

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


The labor market for specialists in STEM jobs is a complex and controversial topic for economists, labor market researchers, and policy makers. U.S. Engineering in a Global Economy continues a long tradition of research by the NBER into both the supply and demand sides of the engineering job market, while also expanding the scope beyond the United States to consider the practice of engineering and innovation in a global economy. Contributors draw on the most up-to-date data on engineering education and practice to explore the challenges of developing an engineering workforce that can contribute substantially to the innovation driving modern economic growth. These authors highlight what economists and labor market researchers have learned and identify issues that might be addressed in future research, including a labor market that is not optimally employing STEM qualified workers in their field of training, and the ways in which US students, firms, and educational institutions are responding to increased competition in the global economy. This book examines both the demand and supply side of the engineering job market in the United States and the practice of engineering and innovation in a global economy. The authors provide assessments of engineering education, engineering practice, and careers which can inform science and engineering educational institutions, funding agencies, and policy makers about the challenges facing the U.S. in developing its engineering workforce in the global economy.

Table of Contents


Richard B. Freeman and Hal Salzman

1 The Engineering Labor Market

Daniel Kuehn and Hal Salzman

I Engineering Education

2 Career Plans of Undergraduate Engineering Students

Shannon K. Gilmartin, anthony lising antonio, Samantha R. Brunhaver, Helen L. Chen, and Sheri D. Sheppard

3 Engineering Educational Opportunity

Catherine J. Weinberger

4 Bridging the Gaps between Engineering Education and Practice

Samantha R. Brunhaver, Russell F. Korte, Stephen R. Barley, and Sheri D. Sheppard

II Engineering and Innovation

6 What Goes On under the Hood?

Susan Helper and Jennifer Kuan

III Engineers and Labor Markets

7 The Influence of Licensing Engineers on Their Labor Market

Yoon Sun Hur, Morris M. Kleiner, and Yingchun Wang

8 Dynamics of Engineering Labor Markets

Leonard Lynn, Hal Salzman, and Daniel Kuehn