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Interest Groups and Global Governance

Interest Groups and Global Governance

(p.230) Chapter Seven Interest Groups and Global Governance
World Rule
University of Chicago Press

Interest groups—sometimes referred to as pressure groups or lobbying groups—play a significant role in global governance. In every substantive arena, the rules and regulations generated by global governance organizations (GGOs) have profound consequences for multiple constituencies. The effectiveness of the formal organizations representing their interests, and the factors that determine whether such organizations exist at all, shape the outcomes of all GGO decision-making processes. This chapter first describes three core areas of variation: interest group mobilization, alignment, and participation in the policymaking process. Second, patterns are revealed based on empirical research. The relationships between GGO core characteristics and the interest group dynamics around each GGO are explored. Third, the global concertation model is introduced to capture the observed dynamics of interest group participation and differentiate it from pluralism and corporatism. The association between interest group participation and other facets of GGO design are also considered.

Keywords:   global governance organizations, interest groups, mobilization, alignment, participation, policymaking, global concertation model, global governance

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