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Structure and Administration of GGOs

Structure and Administration of GGOs

(p.95) Chapter Four Structure and Administration of GGOs
World Rule
University of Chicago Press

This chapter explores the structural alternatives for global governance organizations (GGOs). It analyzes the six dimensions in GGO structure. Combining a well-defined legislative (representational) body and an executive (bureaucratic) function within the overall organization, most global GGOs resemble self-contained narrow-purpose governments offering two areas of variation. The two general GGO structure types—traditional and hybrid—are differentiated by clustered variation on three dimensions: representational structure, apportionment, and bureaucratic function. The bases of these structural types are laid out in the first section of the chapter. The second section presents and analyzes the distribution of characteristics. The concluding third section offers implications of the observed patterns.

Keywords:   global governance organizations, legislative body, executive function, representational structure, traditional structure, hybrid structure, apportionment, bureaucratic function

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