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The elements of success

The elements of success

(p.150) (p.151) 4 The elements of success
Mastering Iron
Anne Kelly KnowlesChester Harvey
University of Chicago Press

This chapter looks at two successful companies in the Mid-Atlantic region, where the British model of ironmaking was most swiftly and fully replicated. The Lehigh Crane Iron Company was the first American firm to prove the viability of making iron with anthracite, and for years was one of the largest producers in the United States. The managers of the Trenton Iron Company, one of the country’s first integrated operations, showed exceptional entrepreneurial drive. In both cases, collegial labor–management relations, locations along established transportation lines, relative proximity to both excellent raw materials and urban markets, and managers’ creative response to economic crisis all contributed to long-term success.

Keywords:   iron industry, American ironmaking, Lehigh Crane, Trenton Iron Company, labor-management relations

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