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Halsted Street 1889–91

Halsted Street 1889–91

(p.199) Chapter 9 Halsted Street 1889–91
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Jane Addams's distaste for materialism was usually a subtle subtext in her speeches, but it sometimes erupted in uncharacteristically passionate jeremiads. One occurred in 1903, when she declared materialism to be “a great menace” to the nation and urged others to “arouse high-minded youth of this country against this spirit of materialism.” She penned another in 1904, when she wrote that Chicago's materialism “sometimes makes one obsessed…. One is almost driven to go out upon the street fairly shouting that, after all, life does not consist in wealth, … in enterprise, … in success.” Mostly, however, these feelings operated below the surface, shaping her positions but not her explicit arguments.

Keywords:   materialism, Jane Addams, speeches, youths, Chicago, wealth, enterprise

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