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Order versus Wildness

Order versus Wildness

(p.43) 5 Order versus Wildness
Joel Salatin
University of Chicago Press

The idea that wildness and good farming must be segregated speaks to a fundamental breakdown in ecological understanding. Mosaic vegetation patterns through mob grazing and pasture cropping maintain year-round blossoms for pollinators and habitat for spiders and field mice. Building farm ponds as additional riparian areas stimulates overall hydration and wildlife habitat. Clean fencerows, clean tillage, and manicured urban lawns present a graphic manifestation of the order versus wildness debate, a debate between hubris and humility. Carving our nest into spaces for human participation and human abandonment precludes enjoying the symbiosis that an integrative alternative offers. This chapter argues that good farming stimulates wildness, just like strategic order stimulates wildlife.

Keywords:   riparian, pasture cropping, milkweed, mob grazing, symbiosis

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