WildnessRelations of People and Place

WildnessRelations of People and Place

Gavin Van Horn and John Hausdoerffer

Print publication date: 2017

ISBN: 9780226444666

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Exploring how people can become attuned to the wild community of life and also contribute to the well-being of the wild places in which we live, work, and play, Wildness brings together esteemed authors from a variety of landscapes, cultures, and backgrounds to share their stories about the interdependence of everyday human lifeways and wildness. Far from being an all or nothing proposition, wildness exists in variations and degrees that range from cultivated soils to multigenerational forests to sunflowers pushing through cracks in a city alley. Spanning diverse geographies, these essays celebrate the continuum of wildness, revealing the many ways in which human communities can nurture, adapt to, and thrive alongside their wild nonhuman kin. From the contoured lands of Wisconsin’s Driftless region to remote Alaska, from animals and plants thriving in urban areas to indigenous lands and harvest ceremonies, from backyards to reclaimed industrial sites, from microcosms to bioregions and atmospheres, manifestations of wildness are everywhere. This book illuminates what wildness is and could be, as well as how it might be recovered in our lives—and with it, how we might unearth a more profound, wilder understanding of what it means to be human.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Wisdom of the Wild

1 Wildfire News

Gary Snyder

2 Conundrum and Continuum

Robert Michael Pyle

3 No Word

Enrique Salmón

6 Biomimicry

Margo Farnsworth

Part 2 Working Wild

8 Listening to the Forest

Jeff Grignon and Robin Wall Kimmerer

9 The Working Wilderness

Courtney White

Part 3 Urban Wild

14 Wild Black Margins

Mistinguette Smith

15 Healing the Urban Wild

Gavin Van Horn

17 Cultivating the Wild on Chicago’s South Side

Michael Bryson and Michael Howard

Part 4 Planetary Wild

20 The Akiing Ethic

John Hausdoerffer

22 The Story Isn’t Over

Julianne Lutz Warren

23 Cultivating the Wild

Vandana Shiva

24 Earth Island

Wes Jackson

Epilogue Wild Partnership

John Hausdoerffer