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Everyday Counterespionage

Everyday Counterespionage

(p.87) 5 Everyday Counterespionage
The Hunt for Nazi Spies
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the scope of the counterespionage activities of Vichy France. It explains that counterespionage does not limit itself to cracking down on enemy espionage, it also has to prevent leaks and counteract propaganda. According to Lieutenant Colonel Schlesser, former head of the French counterespionage, the agent's mission would be threefold: counterespionage, surveillance of antinational activities in collaboration with the police, and promoting national feeling. The training in counterespionage was intensified in the military units in the nonoccupied territories to undermine inadvertent leaks to German intelligence.

Keywords:   counterespionage, Vichy France, Schlesser, antinational activities, national feeling, German intelligence

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