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(p.107) Chapter Four Beruf
Map Men
Steven Seegel
University of Chicago Press

The chapter opens with a reminder that mapmen still saw cartography as a way to unify the world through the efforts of hard-working explorers. It relates the illusory rise to power of Bowman to the reader, whose pride in his guile as a geographic peacemaker could not contain the hurt egos of the besieged European nations left disgraced by earlier peace accords. It follows Penck’s fall into obscurity and move to Leipzig, where his positivist appeals to maintaining the power of the victor would go on to fuel fascist ideologies but were rooted in geographical studies. The chapter depicts Teleki as continuing to argue on behalf of Hungary and against the league of nations. It ends with an anecdote of the Franc affair, an attempt to smuggle money from France to Hungary orchestrated by several of Hungary’s highest powers. The chapter argues that such desperate transnational manoeuvring reflects the attitudes of the mapmen who continued to use their science as a way to find identity and security for themselves and their people in a changing globalized world.

Keywords:   globalization, franc affair, positivism, diplomacy, pre-war years, international identity

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