Science, Conservation, and National Parks

Science, Conservation, and National Parks

Steven R. Beissinger, David D. Ackerly, Holly Doremus, and Gary E. Machlis

Print publication date: 2017

ISBN: 9780226422954

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


This book captures contributions from the 2.5-day summit entitled “Science for Parks, Parks for Science: The Next Century” held at the University of California, Berkeley from 25 to 27 March 2015 to celebrate the centennial of events at UC Berkeley that helped launch the US National Park Service, and the role of UC Berkeley graduates in staffing the National Park Service and in conducting early and influential research in national parks. It addresses the unprecedented challenges to sustain the ecological integrity of parks and to promote their welfare to a public that has become more urbanized and less connected to nature. Contributions fall into four main sections: (1) the mission and relevance of national parks and protected areas, which features an essay by and discussion with E. O. Wilson on parks, biodiversity, and education that is followed by chapters addressing marine parks and global perspectives on parks; (2) stewardship of parks in a changing world, with chapters examining climate change, novel disturbance regimes, air pollution, invasive species, and conservation of large mammals; (3) engaging people in parks, which features contributions on parks as coupled human-natural systems, science and conflict in parks, citizen science in parks, and the spiritual and cultural significance of parks; and (4) the future of science and parks, with chapters that consider how parks and science may evolve together over the next century. The first three sections each conclude with edited transcripts of strategic conversations from the summit that addressed related themes.

Table of Contents

Two Seas the Day: A Bluer, Saltier Second Century for American Parks

Kirsten Grorud-Colvert, Jane Lubchenco, and Allison K. Barner

Three A Global Perspective on Parks and Protected Areas

Ernesto C. Enkerlin-Hoeflich and Steven R. Beissinger

Four Strategic Conversation: Mission and Relevance of National Parks

Edited BY Kelly A. Kulhanek, Lauren C. Ponisio, Adam C. Schneider, and Rachel E. Walsh

Five Climate Change and Novel Disturbance Regimes in National Park Landscapes

Monica G. Turner, Daniel C. Donato, Winslow D. Hansen, Brian J. Harvey, William H. Romme, and A. Leroy Westerling

Seven Protecting National Parks from Air Pollution Effects: Making Sausage from Science and Policy

Jill S. Baron, Tamara Blett, William C. Malm, Ruth M. Alexander, and Holly Doremus

Ten Strategic Conversation: Stewardship of Parks in a Changing World

Edited BY Meagan F. Oldfather, Kelly J. Easterday, Maggie J. Raboin, and Kelsey J. Scheckel

Fifteen Strategic Conversation: Engaging and Disengaging People in Parks

Edited By Emily E. Kearny, Audrey F. Haynes, and Carrie R. Levine

Sixteen A New Kind of Eden

Jamais A. Cascio