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Friendships after College

Friendships after College

(p.140) Six Friendships after College
Connecting in College
Janice M. McCabe
University of Chicago Press

Chapter 6 returns to the three students highlighted in earlier chapters—Alberto, Mary, and Martin—focusing on their lives after graduation. The chapter discusses what young adults saw as the most important transitions in their lives, how their friendships changed, and how their friendships during college affected their current lives. Network type during college influenced young adults’ friendships after college in terms of their structure, content, and composition. For example, samplers experienced the largest changes in their friendship network, while those who had been in tight-knit networks kept more friends (particularly those who had provided academic benefits during college) over time than did people with the other network types. Compartmentalizers remained compartmentalizers, and tight-knitters remained tight-knitters. Samplers, however, during college mostly became tight-knitters after college. There were also similarities over time in terms of network content: friendship diversity during college is associated with friendship diversity after college. This chapter discusses how the college context—including structural diversity and campus organizations—affects students’ friendships.

Keywords:   friendship, networks, structural diversity, college context, college students, young adults

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