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Bathing: The Transformative Flows of Sound

Bathing: The Transformative Flows of Sound

(p.185) Chapter 6 Bathing: The Transformative Flows of Sound
Everyday Creativity
Kirin Narayan
University of Chicago Press

This chapter presents the author's reflections on songs as a form of “bathing” (nauhṇā). Dipping into the flow of sound, and in particular the repetition of divine names through songs, singers and listeners alike are offered the possibility of inner peacefulness and a sense of transcendence. While the last three chapters focused on deities, this chapter honors Asha-devi while assembling songs about devotees attuned to the divine. At first glance, these are male devotees: Sudama and Uddhava from Krishna mythology, and Kabir from historical legends. But a closer look reveals women's central roles in instigating and mediating these men's relationship with Bhagavan. The chapter concludes with a song addressing the goddess from the perspective of a devotee.

Keywords:   women's songs, Asha-devi, bathing, divine, Bhagavan

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