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Science and Nature

Science and Nature

pirišti ilāni rabûti “secret knowledge of the great gods”

(p.17) Chapter One Science and Nature
Before Nature
Francesca Rochberg
University of Chicago Press

This chapter takes up the question of how to re-imagine a framework for phenomena that does not involve all-encompassing nature, and how methods of knowing can function within such a framework through the use of empirical, deductive, associative and analogical reasoning. The relationship between what we think of as natural phenomena and what the Assyro-Babylonian scribes thought of as signs are a principal point of entry into these questions, as is the nature of such signs as compared with wonders and miracles. At stake in this chapter is the historical epistemic character of cuneiform knowledge and its place in the history of science.

Keywords:   natural knowledge, history of science, historical epistemology, cuneiform knowledge, signs, pluralism, wonders

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