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Regency Dandies

Regency Dandies

(p.97) Chapter Five Regency Dandies
Oscar Wilde Prefigured
Dominic Janes
University of Chicago Press

The development of more or less clear signals of deviance was predicated on the establishment of increasingly strong images of normative manhood. The macaroni craze faded out rapidly during the 1770s and chapter 5 focusses on another major flare up of satirical treatment of male effeminacy which took place in connection with the ‘dandy’ craze of the Regency. A crucial context for the development of anxieties over masculine appearance and performance was firstly the American war of independence and then the Napoleonic wars. Whilst macaroni dress was supposedly focussed on exaggerated forms of French, aristocratic fashion, that of the dandy was inspired by comparatively simple riding outfits and various forms of military uniform. This section of the book focusses on a detailed case-study of the role of the images of dandies in the satirical prints created by the brothers George and Isaac Robert Cruikshank in the decade after 1815.

Keywords:   Regency, George Cruikshank, dandyism

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