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(p.128) Chapter Six Mexico
The Gender Impact of Social Security Reform
Estelle JamesAlejandra Cox EdwardsRebeca Wong
University of Chicago Press

In 1997, Mexico replaced its old, traditional, pay-as-you-go defined benefit system with a multipillar system that included a funded defined contribution component. This chapter analyzes how women fared in this process. It shows that the defined contribution plans in the new systems have subtle features that favor women, such as the heavier weight given to earnings early in adulthood. These are reinforced by the joint annuity, which transfers income from husbands to wives, and the public benefit, the social quote (SQ), which redistributes to low earners. As the lowest earners in each education category, women will inevitably benefit from such redistributions.

Keywords:   Mexico, pension reform, pension policy, pay-as-you-go defined benefit system, multipillar system, defined contribution plans, social quote, women, joint annuity, public benefit

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