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(p.1) Introduction
The Gender Impact of Social Security Reform
Estelle JamesAlejandra Cox EdwardsRebeca Wong
University of Chicago Press

This introductory chapter first sets out the book's main purpose, which is to compare the impact of two types of social security systems: traditional, publicly managed, pay-as-you-go defined benefit plans versus newer multipillar systems that are partly pay-as-you-go and partly funded. The chapter then defines a few terms that will be used many times in the course of this book: defined-benefit plan, pay-as-you-go plan, and multipillar systems. The discussion then turns to the countries analyzed in this book (Chile, Argentina, and Mexico), the significance of gender impact, and some of the results obtained in the study. An overview of the subsequent chapters is also presented.

Keywords:   social security systems, defined-benefit plan, pay-as-you-go plan, multipillar systems, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, gender impact

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