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A Textbook Case

A Textbook Case

Pedagogy and Housekeeping

(p.73) 3 A Textbook Case
Housekeeping By Design
David Brody
University of Chicago Press

This chapter deals with contemporary hotels and the management of housekeeping as well as the labor required to maintain design features found at these sites. Brody examines how the academic discipline of hospitality management defines the discipline of housekeeping and elides the voices of housekeepers. Specifically, he looks at hotel management textbooks to assess the complicated world of housekeeping as discussed in hotel management courses at universities. He argues that design plays a key role in how these textbooks, and the larger field, circumscribe the housekeeper’s role. Brody describes how textbooks use graphics and photography to detail the importance of creating a well-designed system of work where tasks get accomplished without hindering a guest’s experience at a hotel, and how this careful attention to design allows the guest to feel as though he or she is not being disturbed.

Keywords:   hospitality management, hotel management, housekeeping, pedagogy, design

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