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An Apostle for Every Nation

An Apostle for Every Nation

(p.84) Chapter Seven An Apostle for Every Nation
All the Names of the Lord
University of Chicago Press

The concept of seventy two diseases in man and its correlative notion of a human body made of seventy two parts harboring illness and decay belong to the domain of anthropological imagination. In the local cosmologies, these concepts relate directly to practices of faith healing and to the imaginative structures that have formed and informed them over time. A central concern for faith medicine is the question of how diseases came about. Religious epistemology, as is well known, correlates genesis and essence, so that knowledge of a phenomenon's origins is thought to offer epistemological insight into the phenomenon itself. The tale of how human ailments came to be begins, quite literally, with Adam. The oldest of the two narratives links disease directly to the Fall. The source text is the apocryphal cycle known as The Books of Adam and Eve.

Keywords:   human body, seventy two parts, illness, faith healing, religious epistemology, genesis, The Books of Adam and Eve, Fall, seventy two diseases, faith medicine

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