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The Synthesis of Dionysius

The Synthesis of Dionysius

(p.37) Chapter Three The Synthesis of Dionysius
All the Names of the Lord
University of Chicago Press

It is common to regard Christianity as a religion of the Word, though to call it “a religion of the Name” might sound like a stretch at first. However, the status of the name—or the names—of God in the Christian idiom is not like that of any other word. This absorbed attention to the name of the divinity is perceptible in Christian history across speculative and devotional discourses alike. After logos (the Word), onoma (the Name) is one of the most disputable yet indispensable categories of Christian theology—as much a source of controversy as it is of gravity and inspiration. All three religious traditions are built around a particular sacred text—the Tanakh, the Bible, the Koran—that, as a witness to the proclamatory Word of God, demands both utmost devotion and perpetual exegesis.

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