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Christian Culture and the 72 Names

Christian Culture and the 72 Names

(p.117) Chapter Nine Christian Culture and the 72 Names
All the Names of the Lord
University of Chicago Press

This chapter begins its exploration of the number seventy two from the Slavonic erotapocritical text “How many are the names of God”? It discusses that the idea that the Lord has seventy two names appears in the Slavic material in two seemingly independent contexts. The first is the erotapocritical entry itself, a highly informative conceptual summary that is extant. The second is the amulet “These are the names of the Lord, seventy two in number”, whose extant traces are older, going back as far as the late thirteenth century, and much more numerous. Both texts place a strong emphasis on the concept of the seventy two names. The amulet advertises the names themselves as a potent protection against every evil. The point where the two contexts come together and suggest a possible direct relationship is the extremely peculiar codex MS Slav Jerusalem 22 from 1498.

Keywords:   seventy two, erotapocritical text, names, God, amulet, evil, codex, Jerusalem 22

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