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US Food and Nutrition Programs

US Food and Nutrition Programs

(p.219) 3 US Food and Nutrition Programs
Economics of Means-Tested Transfer Programs in the United States, Volume I
Hilary HoynesDiane Whitmore Schanzenbach
University of Chicago Press

This chapter provides an overview of the patchwork of U.S. food and nutrition programs, with detailed discussions of SNAP (formerly the Food Stamp Program), WIC, and the school breakfast and lunch programs. Building on Currie’s (2003) review, we document the history and goals of the programs, and describe the current program rules. We also provide program statistics and how participation and costs have changed over time. The programs vary along how “in-kind” the benefits are, and we describe economic frameworks through which each can be analyzed. We then review the recent research on each program, focusing on studies that employ techniques that can isolate causal impacts. We conclude by highlighting gaps in current knowledge and promising areas for future research.

Keywords:   food and nutrition policy, in-kind transfer, labor supply, family well being, food stamps, Women Infants and Children, school meals

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