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Anthropogony: Creature and God

Anthropogony: Creature and God

Topos 3 Anthropogony: Creature and God
God Being Nothing
Ray L. Hart
University of Chicago Press

Anthropogony addresses how human existence manifests the unfinished God as a creative and redemptive process. If there is an essential connection between the inner differentiation of the divine life and the human being’s own inner differentiation, itself external to the divine life, the divine life is to be thought otherwise than in classical orthodoxy. Anthropologically speaking, this is the difference between imago dei and imaginem ad Verbum: the image of God and the image toward the Logos. The bicameral nature of human existence must be thought between two nots: as both becoming and unbecoming, as ascesis and living sacrifice.

Keywords:   anthropogony, human existence, becoming, unbecoming, ascesis, sacrifice

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