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Cosmogony (Κοσμογονία‎): God and Creature

Cosmogony (Κοσμογονία‎): God and Creature

Topos 2 Cosmogony (Κοσμογονία‎): God and Creature
God Being Nothing
Ray L. Hart
University of Chicago Press

The notion of creatio ex nihilo arose in Western monotheisms to protect God the Creator from a coeval power, while leaving unthought the standing of the nihil. Severely qualifying the classical creatio ex nihilo et non sed Deo, this chapter elaborates and defends the hypothesis that God creates from the nothing internal to godself: ex nihilo, idem est, ex Deitate ipsa. This hypothesis entails conceiving or envisioning the eternal self-generation of God the determinate Creator from the abysmal indeterminacies of Godhead; that is, the task of thinking a radical intentional monotheistic trinitarianism in ontogenesis and meontogenesis. Christology is the point of entry for a doctrine of creation, but it must cohere with the logically antecedent doctrine of God as Creator.

Keywords:   cosmogony, creation, ex nihilo, time, eternity, christology, meontogenesis, Meister Eckhart

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