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Theogony (Θεογονία‎): Godhead and God

Theogony (Θεογονία‎): Godhead and God

(p.48) Topos 1 Theogony (Θεογονία‎): Godhead and God
God Being Nothing
Ray L. Hart
University of Chicago Press

Theogony addresses primordial Godhead vis-à-vis God-aborning: that is, how God is eternally in process of self-creation, understood as a self-relation. The doctrine of Trinity arose in Christianity to make multiple sacred epiphanies cohere with one divine God, as well as with the doctrine of creation. The second coherence requires an essential connection between the internal differentiation of the divine life (the Creator) and the external differentiation of what is by-God but not God and not mere nothing (ouk on): creation. The orthodox account failed to achieve this coherence because the divine inner differentiation, Trinity, was declared to be immutable, omniscient, omnipotent, and so on. This chapter reimagines Trinity, exploring the creational relations within and between each trinitarian locus as potencies of interrelationality, only some of which are actualized in time.

Keywords:   theogony, Godhead, divine determinacy, divine emergency, default, chora, Friedrich Schelling

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