God Being NothingToward a Theogony

God Being NothingToward a Theogony

Ray L. Hart

Print publication date: 2017

ISBN: 9780226359625

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


God Being Nothing: Toward a Theogony challenges and contests traditional understandings of God in favor of a God in process: a God determinately unfinished. The author deconstructs and radically re-envisions what monotheistic and trinitarian mean. Letting go of the traditional trinitarian doctrine of divine persons, the author reimagines the Trinity as three loci of relational potency, exploring the creational relations within and between each trinitarian locus as potencies of interrelationality, only some of which are actualized in time. The three loci addressed are theogony, or primordial Godhead vis-à-vis God-aborning; cosmogony, or God-aborning vis-à-vis temporal creation; and anthropogony, or humanity vis-à-vis God-aborning. The book’s ultimate implication is that all of Being and Nonbeing is aborning together in interrelation and interdependence—God, creation, humanity—in an ongoing project of theo-logo-anthropo-gony. To the extent that this divine reality is actual, it is unfinished, imperfect, still in the course of an ongoing living-dying process, one that implicates all things existent and inexistent, temporal and eternal. The Trinity, the Godhead, is not fully formed, not aboriginally perfected, but actively self-generated in concert with processes ongoing in time, in which we participate. Hence, to think the human person, the world, and God is to participate simultaneously in anthropogony, cosmogony, and theogony.