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The Role of Special Education in School Choice

The Role of Special Education in School Choice

(p.67) 3 The Role of Special Education in School Choice
The Economics of School Choice
Julie Berry CullenSteven G. Rivkin
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the impact of expanded school choice on the quality of special education services, on the size and composition of the special education sector, and on the distribution of students with disabilities among schools and districts. Using data from the Texas public school system, it investigates whether a school choice program can ensure that all (or most) schools have the resources to fulfill a student's individual education plan. The findings reveal that there is little evidence that regular education students attempt to avoid special education students and that special education students are disproportionately likely to make use of opportunities to choose among public schools.

Keywords:   school choice, special education, public school, Texas, individual education plan, special education students

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