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Sustaining Peace: Renegotiating Postwar Settlements

Sustaining Peace: Renegotiating Postwar Settlements

(p.105) Five Sustaining Peace: Renegotiating Postwar Settlements
Strengthening Peace in Post-Civil War States
Timothy D. Sisk
University of Chicago Press

This chapter argues that, although power-sharing pacts may initially be essential for urgently ending the scourge of modern civil wars, over time certain features of power sharing (grand coalitions, electoral system choices, and territorial divisions of power, especially) tend to frustrate the pursuit of sustainable peace. As time passes they need to replaced, through ongoing bargaining and institution building, with agreements that more closely approximate democratic social contracts based on reciprocal rights and mutual interdependencies, and especially cross-communal political parties and civil society.

Keywords:   power-sharing, sustainable peace, bargaining, institution building, democratic social contracts, political parties, civil society

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