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(p.219) Ten Conclusions
Strengthening Peace in Post-Civil War States
Caroline A. HartzellMatthew Hoddie
University of Chicago Press

This book has shown that the success of the international community in using incentive strategies for conflict management is mixed. Although peace continues to hold in several of the countries in which third-party actors have intervened, in at least some instances the peace remains fragile and lacks legitimacy for some portions of the population. Based on the analyses offered here, the principal factors that explain this mixed record are a tendency on the part of third-party actors to impose their own visions of the peace on post-civil war states; problems involved in the coordination or sequencing of strategies; and a penchant on the part of the international community to focus on the interests of some members of society while neglecting others. The identification of postwar populations' interests in peace, strategies for creating stakeholders in the peace, and policy implications are discussed.

Keywords:   legitimacy, third-party actors, conflict management, international community, stakeholders

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