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Reinhold, Maimon, and Schulze

Reinhold, Maimon, and Schulze

(p.40) Chapter 2 Reinhold, Maimon, and Schulze
German Idealism as Constructivism
Tom Rockmore
University of Chicago Press

A number of non-idealist thinkers are important in the transition from Kantian idealism to post-Kantian German idealism. The second chapter, “On the transition from Kant to Fichte,” considers three such philosophers: Reinhold, Maimon and Schulze (pseud. Aenesidemus). I argue Reinhold’s foundationalist restatement of the critical philosophy is incompatible with Kant’s critical philosophy, hence incompatible with German idealism. Maimon, whose reading of the critical philosophy was accepted by Kant, criticizes Reinhold’s foundationalism, and influences Fichte and Hegel. Under the pseudonym Aenesidemus, Schulze is important for Fichte’s transcendental philosophy.

Keywords:   Karl Leonhard Reinhold, Salomon Maimon, Gottlob Ernst Schulze, foundationalism, Immanuel Kant, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

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