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Territory and the Mapping Sciences

Territory and the Mapping Sciences

(p.1) Introduction Territory and the Mapping Sciences
After the Map
William Rankin
University of Chicago Press

The book begins with an overview of how geographic knowledge has changed in the twentieth century – from paper maps to electronic navigation systems like GPS – and presents the book’s overall argument about mapping, territory, and globalization. It also includes a discussion of territory from the medieval era to the present, with special emphasis on two major narratives about territory in the twentieth century. One of these is about the universal ideals of the nation state and the stabilization of international boundaries; the other is about the erosion of national territory through the networks of global capitalism. The book’s argument puts these two narratives in dialogue and shows how both must be modified with a better understanding of territory as a complex and changing bundle of ideas, practices, and knowledge.

Keywords:   mapping, navigation, territory, geography, nation state, globalization, networks, global capitalism

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