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The Politics in My Pocket

The Politics in My Pocket

(p.295) Conclusion The Politics in My Pocket
After the Map
William Rankin
University of Chicago Press

The book ends by returning to the connection between new forms of knowledge – and new tools, especially GPS – and the changing politics of space. Taking stock of the complex relationship between personal pocket-sized technologies, military grand strategy, and globalization, the book does not offer any final answers but instead raises four important questions that should guide our understanding of geographic knowledge. How did the new spatial technologies and new territoriality of the late twentieth century change what it means to be a state? How have technologies like GPS shifted power relations on the ground? How have they shifted the patterns of everyday life? And, most broadly, how does the history of the twentieth century (or the reality of the present day) look different once we accept that there is no simple dichotomy between the global and the territorial?

Keywords:   GPS, geographic knowledge, grand strategy, globalization, territoriality, spatial technology

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