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Medievalism and Secularism

Medievalism and Secularism

(p.140) Epilogue Medievalism and Secularism
The Mercenary Mediterranean
Hussein Fancy
University of Chicago Press

In the light of these considerations of medieval sovereignty, religion, and violence, this epilogue returns to and explores more fully the origins and consequences of an implicit secular bias to the study of religious interaction in the Middle Ages and beyond. It argues that the contemporary cultural approach to religious interaction remains unwittingly bound to a polemical tradition, the political-theological debates of the twentieth century. An unacknowledged secularism in these polemics depends upon a certain periodization and medievalism. Thus, this conclusion contends that medievalists have both the most to gain and most to contribute to resolving these on-going disputes about the relationship of religion to politics.

Keywords:   secularism, medievalism, political theology, religion, polemic, sovereignty, violence, periodization

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