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Encounters with Spirits

Encounters with Spirits

(p.50) 4: Encounters with Spirits
The Adventure of the Real
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This chapter focuses on the films Jean Rouch made during a second doctoral fieldwork expedition, which took place between July 1950 and June 1951, and involved a journey from the French Soudan to the Gold Coast, passing through Niger on the way. The three principal films that he produced in the course of this second doctoral expedition are: Cimetières dans la falaise, Yenendi, Les hommes qui font la pluie, and Bataille sur le grand fleuve. Although Rouch frequently refers to these films in his interviews and articles, they are not well known, particularly to English-speaking audiences, because, until recently, they have been very difficult to see.

Keywords:   Jean Rouch, films, filmmaking, ethnographic filmmakers, field expeditions, Niger, French Soudan, Gold Coast

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