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The Harsh Dialogue

The Harsh Dialogue

(p.278) 13: The Harsh Dialogue
The Adventure of the Real
University of Chicago Press

This chapter focuses on Jean Rouch's views about editing. Rouch had relatively little to say about the process of editing, and, from what little he did say, seems to have had distinctly contradictory attitudes about this phase of the filmmaking process. On the one hand, he would often assert the great importance of editing and that the editing of a film should always be performed by someone who has had no involvement in the actual shooting. On the other, despite these assertions about the great importance of working with an editor, Rouch seems to have worked hard to keep it to a minimum, be it by his practices on location or back in the edit suite.

Keywords:   Jean Rouch, ethnographic filmmakers, filmmaking, film editing, film editors

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