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Conclusion: The End is Near

Conclusion: The End is Near

(p.210) Conclusion: The End is Near
Shaking the World for Jesus
University of Chicago Press

This book has focused not on evangelical political action but on evangelical cultural identity. While lacking a specific political agenda, even bland, seemingly innocuous Christian media still have a political undertone. Their very success and increased visibility in nonreligious retail venues are symptoms of the growth of evangelicalism in U.S. society, and this growth has consequences for those outside of evangelical circles. While evangelicals and nonevangelicals seem to be separated by vast distances, they are also connected by curious bridges. They share certain predilections (for science fiction, melodrama, etc.) even as each is often appalled by the pleasure that the other takes in particular kinds of music, films, or books. Hence, evangelical media producers want to use their products to reach nonevangelicals, but many of them seem to have little idea of how outsiders perceive their belief system.

Keywords:   evangelical political action, Christian media, evangelicals, nonevangelicals, media producers

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