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(p.1) Introduction
Shaking the World for Jesus
University of Chicago Press

This book moves beyond the propaganda paradigm to take a closer look at Christian media, examining its industrial history, the subtleties of the products themselves, and their success in the religious and, increasingly, the secular, marketplace. The most evangelical media are not propaganda designed to induce a political or spiritual conversion. The book tries hard to complicate the by-now familiar narrative of evangelical adaptation to the “rhythms of modernity,” and also looks at the “center” of conservative evangelical culture—the middle-class; mostly white Christians who can afford to buy into the “Christian lifestyle” market. The mass culture industry is “conservative,” as it preserves the status quo by rejecting didactic Christian media out of hand. Thus, the evangelicals are likely to describe mass culture not as conservative but rather liberal, left-wing, or even satanic.

Keywords:   Christian media, religious marketplace, spiritual conversion, center, Christian lifestyle

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